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Comic Zeal Comic Reader v6.0.25 - 漫画阅读器

软件大小:13.32 MB 软件价格:¥30.00 购买正版  立即免费下载 兼容平台:iPhone,iPod Touch,iPad, iOS 6.1 以上 软件语言:英文软件 软件等级:★★★★☆ 发布时间:2013-11-27 HD 热门指数:载入中... 所属标签:漫画 

一款优秀的漫画阅读器,能够快速从 iTunes 导入漫画,甚至从 cbz, cbr, rar 和 zip 等压缩包中直接解压出漫画。


- Organize your comics by series, don't look through hundreds to find the one you want.
- Show you large covers, they'll tell you more than a title.
- Make it easy to move between issues when reading, you'll go through a few in a sitting.
- Reliably zoom in on content, not show you the same borders page after page.
- Be smart about what to show you when you rotate the device, many comics have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages.
- Load big images fast, you don't want to spend five seconds waiting for a page to load.
- Load your comics using USB, wifi or even cloud services like Drop Box.


版本 6.0.25 中的新功能

Hi all, a lot of you thought there was too much white space in the list view. In this version I've reduced the whitespace and added a comic page count indicator. There are also a lot of graphic updates and a significant change to the ‘series name search’ feature.

You can also now open a comic by tapping anywhere in it’s box, not just the thumbnail.


- Reduced the size of thumbnails in the list view.

- In the list view, I’ve moved the progress indicator from the bottom of the comic entry to the side of the thumbnail. A little note about the behaviour of this indicator. The first dot is filled in as soon as you start reading the comic, the last dot is not filled in until you have finished the comic.

- Can now open a comic by tapping anywhere in the box not just the thumbnail.

- Greatly improved the 'Series Name Search' feature. To refresh your memory, if this option is turned on, whenever a comic is imported Comic Zeal tries to find the name of a series in the comic's name. If it finds a match it then puts the comic in that series. The old version used to fail if there was a lot of punctuation in either name, specially if instead of spaces underscores or hyphens were used. This new version removes all punctuation and spaces before trying to do the match. It yields much better results.

- Fixed issue where the options button for a comic would not work it the slider was close.

- Changed the ‘home’ icon to look like a house not a comic box. The old comic box was great three years ago when no-one else was using it, now the same shape also means ‘archive’ in a lot of apps and it’s getting confusing.






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