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1Password v6.0.2 - 密码管理

软件大小:59 MB 软件价格:¥118.00 购买正版  立即免费下载 兼容平台:iPhone,iPod Touch,iPad, iOS 9.0 以上 软件语言:英文软件 软件等级:★★★★★ 发布时间:2015-10-22 HD 热门指数:载入中... 所属标签:实用程序 密码 

一款 iPad, iPhone与Mac平台上都有的一款密码管理软件,可以用它来保存邮箱,银行卡,网站登陆等所有的帐号密码。有了它就再也不会忘记卡号密码,并且Mac版与iPhone版的数据信息可以同过WIFI进行同步,可以让你方便地保存与查看个人信息。

• Includes user interface for both iPhone and iPad.
• Special easy switching mode allows you to quickly copy-and-paste usernames and passwords to Mobile Safari.
• Folders for better organization (in this version a desktop application required - sold separately)
• Features coming soon: Favorites, MobileMe/WebDAV syncing, and more.
• Securely store your website names and passwords so you never forget them again
• Save important information like credit cards and membership numbers
• Jot down other notes too sensitive for stickies or bar napkins
• Synchronize it all with 1Password for Mac via Wi-Fi (sold separately, available at http://1password.com)
• Automatically log into Web sites on iPhone and iPod touch to avoid remembering and typing usernames and passwords
• Hardware-accelerated AES encryption and Auto-Lock keep your data protected even if your iPhone is lost or stolen
• All cryptographic operations are performed using standard iPhone libraries to ensure there are no security gaps or backdoors
• Two-layer defense with Unlock Code and Master Password to combine security and convenience
• Data Backup & Restore option available on Mac, Windows and Linux.


版本 6.0.1 中的新功能

Greetings and salutations! The team has been hard at work on the next feature release of 1Password, and while we are still a few pumpkin spice lattes away from letting it see the light of day, we've received some great feedback from you that we wanted to address straight away.

One of the things that we've seen is that 1Password is taking a long time to launch for some of you. If you're experiencing this problem please reach out to us at discussions.agilebits.com. We made some changes in this release that should alleviate this problem, but just in case these fixes have not solved things for you, we'd love your help in gathering some more information about the problem.

== Improved ==
- Editing a secure note is now done in a dedicated full-screen view.
- We made some security improvements when filling details into 1Browser and Safari.

== Fixed ==
- Fixed an issue that would cause PIN codes created in 1Password 5.5 to not be changed in 6.0.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when editing an item after removing a field.







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我猜你还喜欢  后续更新: v6.0.3, v6.1.0, v7.0.0
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    在linux上通过ideviceinstaller -i APP错误如下:[email protected]:~/Work/github/app$ ideviceinstaller -i 1Password-v5.4-kOtyara.ipa WARNING: could not locate Payload/1Password.app/SC_Info/1Pass

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    更新 4.5.3啦。

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    更新了跟新到3.7了 谢谢

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    程序闪退啊,麻烦修复一下吧 管理员回复: 抱歉,修复了。

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    可惜没有中文 哎.

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    求更正。。版本不对 管理员回复: 已更新

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    12-2的v3.5.4,但官方的是12-8的v3.5.4,而且Up changes也不一样。