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Photogene for iPad v3.5 - 图片精灵 完整专业版

软件大小:14.81 MB 软件价格:¥18.00 购买正版  立即免费下载 兼容平台:iPad, iOS 4.2 以上 软件语言:英文软件 软件等级:★★★★☆ 发布时间:2012-09-15 HD 热门指数:载入中... 所属标签:照片 图片 



专业版 + 相框补丁下载地址:http://bbs.51ipa.com/thread-130-1-1.html


This intuitive, easy to use application offers a comprehensive set of professional editing tools:
- Crop and straighten.
- Sharpen.
- Full set of color adjustments (including levels and curves). Correct underexposed photos and add a spark to washed-out ones.
- Red-eye correction.
- Resize to any resolution. 
- Apply one of our artistic filters such as sepia or edge blur.
- Add text boxes of different styles, colors and fonts.
- Add frames in various shapes and colors, including shadows and glows.
- Special effects such as reflection or vignette.
- Apply one of our supplied macros to instantly transform your photo, or create and save your own custom macros.
- Multiple undo and redo.
- Upload your edited photo directly to Facebook or Twitter, mail it, or simply save it to your iPad's photo gallery.


版本 3.5 中的新功能

- iOS 6 compatibility.

- Photos are now displayed in full resolution in the editor.

- Improved stability and performance throughout the app.

- Redesigned export menu.

New features:

- Metadata (IPTC) can now be exported in XMP format.

- Can add lookup values to IPTC fields.

New features for PRO users:

- Bulk geo-tagging. Copy geo-tags from one photo and paste over others.

- Can set DPI for exported photos.

- Improved FTP history viewer.
- New filtering options in photos browser.
- 4 custom retouch layers (instead of just one in previous version).








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我猜你还喜欢  后续更新: v3.5.1, v3.6.0, v4.0.0
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