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Flock Control v1.13 - 赶绵羊

软件大小:3.15 MB 软件价格:$0.99 购买正版  立即免费下载 兼容平台:iPhone,iPod Touch 软件语言:英文软件 软件等级:★★★★☆ 发布时间:2010-06-14 HD 热门指数:载入中... 所属标签:


Flock Control features:

* Very intuitive pick up and play design (no instructions needed!)
* 20 challenges of varying difficulty - with even more to come!
* Challenges include getting sheep into pen, sorting sheep by colour, bathing sheep, painting sheep and finding them in the snow!
* Complete a challenge quickly enough and earn a gold, silver or bronze award sheep
* Every award sheep you earn comes to life and wanders around the menu screen, greeting you every time you play!
* Flocking AI produces realistic sheep behaviour that is fun to watch and play with!
* Challenge unlock mechanism means the game gets progressively harder as you improve
* Sheep panic and bleat as your dogs chase them!
* Auto save feature means you never lose an in progress game if you have to leave in a hurry or get interrupted by a call
* Beautifully smooth animation and movement of sheep and dogs!
* Worldwide leaderboards via OpenFeint

What's New in Version 1.13

* Fixed crash that could occur when using 'Submit Times' menu option
* Fixed incompatibility issues with OS 2.21







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